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Cannon Mining Acquisition
Mirrored Controls
Bluefield Coal Show Review
Nucor Annual Refractory Safety Conference
Updated Field and Service Directory
Dry Air Scrubber
Bolt Tightener
Canopy Spots
Oil Cleanliness
MinExpo 2016
Fletcher Crawlers
Upgrade for Fletcher/Pall Filter Housings
Tram Compartments
Fire Suppression Systems
New Division of J.H. Fletcher & Co.
Model N3016-AD/E at Elko
First 6-Head Bolter in the Illinois Basin
Greasing Electric Motors & Blowers on Fletcher Roof Bolters
Model 4250-RD Scaler Tool Roll Brake Cylinder Adjustments
J.H. Fletcher & Co. at MinExpo 2016 
Customer Satisfaction Survey
Rib Access Booms
Cable Reel Adjustment 
Discounted Drillhead Sockets
Slower is Sometimes Faster
Guarding the Operator
About Us
Fletcher Merchandise
Fluid Sampling Kit
Fletcher Powder Loader
Oil Filtration
Fire Suppression
Elko Mining Expo
Employee News - Steve Nye
Fletcher Merchandise
Fluid Sampling Kit
Mining Machinery for Small Spaces
Improved Dust Tanks
Information Bulletins 124
Valve Section Caps
Safety Posters
In Memory
Fletcher at Rally for American Energy Jobs
Setting ATRS
Information Bulletin 122 and New Video
Safety Posters
Pilot Check Cartridge: Replace or Repair
HDDR Platform Retainer Bar
Mining Machinery for Small Spaces
Maintenance Training
Maintaining In-Can Environmental Control
Scaling Vehicles
Improved Pick Housing for 4250 Scaler
Pilot Check Cartridge: Repair or Replace
OEM Trained Service Technicans
Fletcher Proud Supporter of Higher Education
Walk-thru Bolter Concept
4-Head Bolter
Safety Posters
Rock Burst Valves
Employee News
J.H. Fletcher & Co. Celebrates 75 Years
Maintenance Training Canopy Pin
Scissors TRS 
Employee News - Josh Murphy
MINExpo 2012
Fletcher and Joy Mining Machinery Distribution Agreement
Drillhead Lubrication
Lighting Units
MINExpo 2012
Morgantown Machine
Rock Burst Valves
Employee News
Updated Orientation Video
J.H. Fletcher & Co. Shipping to Zimbabwe, South Africa
Replacing Hydraulic Hoses 
Join J.H. Fletcher & Co. at MINExpo International 2012
Fletcher Universal Warning Sign
Fletcher Enters Distribution Agreement with Joy Mining
Fletcher Service Inc.
Q & A
J. Robert Fletcher Inducted into WV Coal Hall of Fame
DDR Walk-Thru Roof Bolter
Scissor ATRS Rocker Pads 
Starter Box Visual Inspection
Tripping/Slipping Hazard Safety Poster
Employee News - David Boggs
Fletcher Universal Warning Signs
New Wurtland Facilities 
Vaccuum Tester
Positioning Controls 
Fletcher Mining Equipment Pty. Ltd.
Tram Deck Chain Curtain
Employee News - Russel D-Angelo
New Fletcher Prime Mover Attachments
High Pressure Hose Maintenance 
Answer Your Dust Questions
Hands Off Drilling Using a Hydraulic Drillguide
Terms to Know
Beam Setter
Improved Three Second Delayed Start Retrofit
Danger Tag Replacement
Dust Box Gaskets
Dust Upgrades
Bulletin Release No. 114
Bulletin Release No. 115
100th Machine 
Fletcher Rib Access Boom Now Available 
Maintenance Q&A
Titan and Apollo Masts: Feed Pressure
How to Detect Low Oil Levels
Employee News - Tim Burgess SME/PCMIA
J. Robert Fletcher - Last of the Great Engineers
Canopy Removal
Maintenance Q&A
Fletcher Rib Drill
New Grease Specification
MSHA Program Notice
Employee News - Bob Ellis
Document Clarification
J. Robert Fletcher - Last of the Great Engineers
How to Detect Low Oil Levels
Roof Bolt Magazines/Carousels
Insulation Blanket
Employee News - Ben Newlon
Fletcher Service Inc.
Fletcher Walk Thru DDR
Material Handling Polyester Winch Rope
Tag Replacement
Outby Rocker Pad Deflectors
Fletcher Innovatess!
Employee News - Darin Cotton, Tony Justice
Narrow Vein Drill Jumbo Introduced
Testing Brakes
Keeping a Machine Clean
Properly Torque Slew Assembly Bolts
Fletcher Innovates! 
Employee News Brad Parks
Fletcher Service Inc. 
Mobile Roof Support - Steps to Safety
MINExpo 2008
Bulletin 108
An Ergonomic Issue: Drill Control Levers
Questions from the Field
Employee News - Debby Hibbard
New Generation Degas Drill
Information Bulletin 107 Questions from the Field
Document Tube
Perforate Plug
Evolution of the Drillguide
Safety Posters: Daily Reminder for Safe Workplace
Word Search
Employee News - April Bailey
Fletcher Diesel Tractor: Versatile and Reliable
J.H. Fletcher Hose Options for 2008
Information Bulletin 104: Tool Tray
Information Bulletin 105: Tram Lever
Fletcher Introduces Small Diameter Borescope
Starter Box Contact Cleaning Kit
Fletcher Website
Employee News - Joe McQuerrey
Low HDR Utility Bolter (Pocket Bolter)
Safety and Maintenance Q&A
Notice: Bulletins 100 & 101
Fletcher Policy on Modifications and Replacement Parts
Certification Letters
Automated Roof Bolting in Poland
Gauge Test Kit for Load Sense Pump Control Systems
Zero Volume Connectors Contact Cleaning Kits
Bill Ellis Retirement
Proper Torque for Manuli Hose with JIC Hose Ends
Panline Bolters
Maintenance  Q & A
Employee News 
Radio Remote 
Warehouse Expansion
Fletcher Chooses Pall as Standard
Fletcher International Sales
Employee News - Brian Perrine
Technology at Work Worldwide
NMA Reports Fatalities Down
Pocket Guide for Foot Jack Cylinder Replacement 
Valve Lock Kit
Tram/Tow Tag May be Incorrect
DTS Joining with Fletcher & DBT in West
Employee News 
Electronic Feedback System
Jumbo Drills
Safety Tips
Industrial Minerals Representatives
Fletcher Parts Department
MRS Support Cylinder
Fletcher Purchase WDM
2004 MINExpo
Employee News - Ben Newlon
Roof Bolter Hydraulic Pressure Adjustments
Precleaner Skirts
Checking Your Vacuum
New Scaler Design
Better Gloves for Equipment Operators
Combination Towing/Brake Intensifiers
Hydraulic Disconnect Bar
Placement of Rocker Pads
New ATRS/Canopy Leveling Link
Employee News
Metal/Non-Metal Equipment
Drilling Feedback Control System
Maintenance Tip: Checking Turntable Bolt
Hydraulic Hose - A Key to Performance
New Support Post with Screw Adjustable Wear Pads
Recall on Alliance Motors
Recall of MICO Brakes
Annual Refresher Training at Tri-State Fire School
Employee News - Ben Newlon
Noise Reduction Techniques
Lynch Pins
Tram Chain Curtain
Redesigned Support Post
New Distributors 
Warranty Policy
Employee News Larry Adkins
Non-OEM Parts
Tips on Maintaining Hydraulic Oil
Joystick Control Panel Tag
HDDR Video Traning Program
Information Bulletin No. 85
Employee News - John Reckard, David Tate
MinExpo 2000
Information Bulletin No. 84
New HDDR Video
New Breather Cap
Maintenance Tip "Lubrication"
MinExpo 2000 - New Equipment and Technology
Pre-Cleaner Guard
Which Bearing? - Trunnion Bearing
Information Bulletin No. 82
Fletcher Website
Dust Collection Systems
Support Post Retention Nut
Rocker Pad Bolt Retainer
MinExpo 2000
Update to Fletcher Website
Fletcher Low Profile Rotary Impact Drillhead
Fletcher Now Using Modular Start Switch System
Fletcher SV
Parts Book Correction
Never Assume Everything is Safe
Coal Shows
Feed-back Drilling System
Arm Feed Boom Guards
Drillhead Alignment System System
Using Proper Tools
Employee News - Bill Kendall
Solving Unique Issues
New Drill Guide 
Parts Books on CD Rom
Goad, Harbor, Skinner Retire
25 Years Service - Summerfield, Porter, McConnell, Dunn
Roof Bolt Torque
Maintain the Guards
NOTICE - MDA (Grease) Spherical Roller Bearings
Component Drawing Update - RRII Drawing No. HC463
Y2K Compliance 
Web Site
Progressing Automation and Improved Productivity
ATRS Leveling Spring
Web Site
Should We Change the Pumps?
Proper Towing Procedures
Correct E-Clip Installation Critical
Auxiliary Canopy & Boom Swing Control
Fletcher Bulletin Notice (76 and 77)
Human Factors and Fletcher
New Intrinsically Safe Stop Switch
Announcing Change to Cable Reel Valve
Video Programs
Correction - MSHA Web Site
Dust Collection: Health & Production
Canopy Support Post
Hand Held Hydraulic Resin Inserter
Venturi Power Fill Pump
Constain EMTs Take First Place
60 Years
Deep Socket Drillhead
Maintenance Tip-Washing Equipment
Change in RRII Valve Bank
Safety Notice-Ansul Cartidges
New Employee-Lannie Robinson
Information Bulletin No. 70
Strip Switch Panic Bar - Troubleshooting and Repair 
IMPORTANT: Retrofit - Pressure Setting on RRII/DDO
Cable Reel Valve Update
Parts Book Correction - Dust Tank
Drillguide Guard Kit
Hydraulic Accumulator Test Kit
Boom Modernization Program 
Fletcher Joystick Drill Control Maintenance Reminders
Boom Swing Cylinder
Diamond Anniversary
MSHA-Problem Areas on Bolt Dust Control Systems
Modernization Facility Going Strong
Valve Tray Lift Kit for Machines with Joystick
Two Hand Diversion Valve
Canopy Policy
Health Watch-Back
Accounting News - Chuck Brown
National Mining Association - MINExpo International '96
Warning Tag Update
Hydraulic Oil - Commercial Intertech
Block that Boom 
ATTN: Mobile Roof Support Users - Unsafe Conditions
Fletcher MRS - The Next Generation
Larry Howe Named Marketing Manager for MRS Line
Maintenance Shift-Misuse of the Platform Lift
Rocket Pads - Inspection and Maintenance 
Video Catalog Available
Wanted: Ideas of Future Articles
The Purpose of an Affidavit
New Product-Utility Vehicle
News from SMC Electrical - Cover Screw Specification
Hydraulic Oil-UNAX AW 68
A20 Spool Retainers
Pre-cleaner Approvals
Paper Trail - Auto Dump Dust Systems with Backflush
Yellow is Better  - Super Ortac Hose
Video: RRII/DDO Operator Training
Video: Adjustment of Drill Feed Control Valve Package
New Modernization and Rebuild Factory
Roof Ranger II Offset Booms
Training - Availability/Materials
Video-You, Fletcher, and Safety
Dwg-HY-252 Drilling Unit Valve Handle Arrangement
Dwg-HY-253 Drilling Unit Valve Handle Arrangement
Electrical Maintenance News
Circuit Breaker Pins
J.H. Fletcher & Co. Clevis Pin Retrofit Program
New Distributor Location NMS-Norton, VA
Important Parts Update - Pre-bent and Sized Handles
J.H. Fletcher & Co. Expansion
DDO Walk-Thru
Safety Recall Notice - MP130A Slave Relay
Tip: Proper Use of the Split/Combined Flow Tram
Selector Valve
Counterfeiters: Cheating Maintenance with Bad Bolts
Longwall Roof Bolters
Pocket Guide to Adjusting the 31538
Safety Recall-MP130A Slave Relay
Relief Valve Replacement
Canopy Certification - Just What is the Law?
Longhole Drill
Warning Tags-Metal
Important Safety Notice-MP130A Slave Relay Recall
ATRS Systems - What is Required?
Beam Manipulating Machine
Safety Notice - Poster
Approvals and Certification of Rebuilt Fletcher Machines
Panic Bar - New Style - Part Number 149011
Rail Ranger Personnel Carriers
How to Keep Oil in Hydraulic Systems Cool
Approvals and Certification of Rebuilt Fletcher Machines
New Warning Labels Available (159558 & 159645)
Setting and Checking Roof Bolt Torque
MRS - Mobile Roof Support - Latest Fletcher Product
Dust Collection - Availability
Hazardous Material - MSDS
Fletcher Participates in MSHA's REAP Program
Information for Improving Panic Bar Sensitivity
J.H. Fletcher & Co.'s Research and Development
Fletcher's First Remote Roof Bolter - Model AR-D
New Handle Grips - Improve Safety 
Employee News - Gene Wilson
Just for Your Records - Rebuilder - MM&H
New Chassis Design for Rib Protection 
Welcome to the First Edition
Boom Swing Safety Checklist
Cylinder Housing Improvement
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