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BK-80 Grit Blaster


  • Rubber tired

  • Triple telescopic boom and vacuum conduit

  • Fast deploy stabilizers

  • Radio remote


The Fletcher BK-80 model, is an 80’ reach, robotic ultra-high pressure water and abrasive grit blaster.  Designed with a semi-automomous blasting cycle that maintains the optimal direction, speed, angle and distance from blasting surface. Dust and grit are collected at the source to eliminate the need for containment and reduce clean-up cost. Full radio remote operation alleviates many personnel risks, such as: risk of injury during blasting, need for scaffolding or manlifts, operator discomfort, and operator fatigue.


Machine Dimensions

39' L  x 7'8" W x 10' H

11.9m L x 2.3m W x 3m H

materials x2.png

Blasting Medias: Steel Grit, Garnet, Aluminum Oxide, UHP Water, Etc.

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