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  • Non-slip surfaces in operator basket, stairs, and hand rails

  • Dual button operation

  • Radio remote


Fletcher model LAD-13 is a safe ladle access system, designed to provide personnel access in and out of a 13’ deep ladle from an OSHA rated man basket. The system is designed to mount onto your operation’s existing elevated work platform. Compactly designed with the ability to maneuver between ladle and brick pallet, as well as raise above working area. Safety features include sensors for collision avoidance and dual button to prevent inadvertent movement of basket.


Machine Dimensions

15' 4" L x 3' W x 15' H

4.7m L x .9m W x 4.6m H

“We installed the ladle access device for our customer SSAB in Iowa and they are extremely pleased. They take safety seriously and we were happy to provide them a top of the line solution to address their concerns. We are now working to get the devices into more of our customer’s mills because the safety benefits are extremely clear.”

– Gary Martin, D. Martin Enterprises

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