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This section will provide valuable information on new service tools and procedures to keep your machine running safely. Technical documents will provide detailed information on how to install components on equipment, how to maintain your system in safe working order and specific tips on maintenance requirements. To read a document from the list below, simply click on the document number and the entire document will be available to read and/or print. If you have any questions about the content of a document, please send an email to or

This short video is a supplement to Fletcher Information Bulletin 122 in which  the issues of potential rotation hazards associated with roof bolting are addressed. 


J.H. Fletcher & Co.™ has published numerous documents regarding the care and use of the Dust Collection System. When operated with Fletcher® original equipment components, the system provides the removal of dust through the drill steel during the drilling operation. The dust system is approved under 30 CFR, Part 33. In Fletcher Product Newsletter Q1 2000, J.H. Fletcher & Co. wrote that the setting for the blower is a maximum of between 12” to 15” inches of mercury. The document should say that; “These settings refer to the minimum setting, and is normally verified by plugging off the drill head with a vacuum gauge”. We apologize for the mistake.

In an effort to ensure our customers know the correct setting; we are including here a link to a letter we received from MSHA on this subject. We also recommend that you review the Dust Suppression document on our web site and the service manual for information on maintaining your dust system. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call one of our field representatives, or the Risk Management Department at J.H. Fletcher & Co.

Letter from MSHA Regarding Dust System Settings

DEC | 1998

Maintaining the Fletcher Dry Dust Suppression System®

OCT | 2013



ATRS Beam Lift Fixture

OCT | 2013

Replacing Pump Motor (R.H. or L.H.)

NOV | 2014

Replacing Blower (L.H. or R.H.)

NOV | 2014

Replacing Tram Brake Caliper Assembly (Excludes JHF# 53777)

NOV | 2014

Removal and Replacement of Dust Box

NOV | 2014

Installation & Replacement of Pre-Cleaner Extension Tube

MAR | 2015

Replacing Tram Countershaft - (Front/Rear - LH or RH)

OCT | 2015

Replacing Tram Motor Dual Sprocket W/Brake Disc Assembly - (LH or RH)

OCT | 2015

Adjusting the 38187 ATRS Valve Package

FEB | 2016

Installing Sticker Tags

MAR | 2017

Drill Feed Cylinder Bolt-On Replacement Procedure

JUN | 2018

Primary Brakes Test: Skid Steer, Rubber Tire Machines

OCT | 2021

OCT | 2021

Park/Secondary Brakes Test: Skid Steer, Rubber Tire Machines

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