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Specific Recall: Reliance Electric Motors

It has come to Reliance’s attention that certain Reliance Electric Motors supplied in specific equipment manufactured by J.H. Fletcher & Co.™ may not be MSHA compliant. The non-compliance consists of possible improper packing of the electric motor’s cable packing gland. When properly assembled, the cable jacket should extend through the packing area into the interior of the packing gland.

In some motors, the cable jacket may not have been placed in the gland properly and packing material may escape to the inside of the packing gland. Improper packing could potentially lead to loss of flameproof integrity. J.H. Fletcher & Co.™ has consulted with MSHA and Reliance to determine whether any problems of this type have occurred. We have been assured by MSHA that none have been reported. Fletcher is cooperating with Reliance in identifying its customers whose machines should be inspected and, if necessary, repaired.

Reliance should have contacted your company by now if you have a machine that is subject to the Reliance Recall. If you have not been contacted, but have reason to believe that the packing material on your machine may have protruded into the packing gland or if you have any other questions regarding this issue, please contact Megan Wilson at the Fletcher® Risk Management Department.

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