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FHT-20 Fan Handler


  • Towable Chassis with Pintle Hitch

  • Lifting and Extending Operator Platform

  • Operator Steps for Platform Access

  • Chassis and Platform Control Stations

  • Front and Rear Stabilizers

  • Wheel Chocks with Storage

  • Hydraulic Disconnect at Operator’s Platform


The Fletcher FHT20-D model fan handler is a self-contained, towable machine. The machine is diesel powered with hydraulic controls and designed for a maximum operating height of 20’ (6.1 m) and grades of 20% or less. The fan cradle is engineered to handle 24” to 60” diameter fans, equipped with adjustable stops to accomodate fan size and tethering anchors to secure fan in position. 


Machine Dimensions

21' L x 8'8" W x 9'5" H

6.5m L x 2.5m W x 3m H


Headings up to

19' W x 20' H

9.1 m W x 9.8 m H

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