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The Fletcher Model N3112-B/E, Battery Electric Bolter is designed for bolting in low to medium height conditions from 67 in. (1.7m) to 144 in (3.66m). Tramming is done from the protected operator’s station, with optional inch tram at drilling position. Drilling, resin insertion, and bolting are accomplished from the operator’s basket. The boom lifts, swings, and extends to allow for up to 13’ 7” (4.2m) straight line bolt installation from one chassis position. Heavy-duty Fletcher systems assure long life, maximum reliability and productivity.


Machine Dimensions

29' L x 4.5' W x 6' H

8.8m L x 1.4m W x 1.8m H


Headings up to

16' W x 14' H

5m W x 4.3m H

N3116 Narrow Roof Bolter
  • Articulating Carrier

  • Enclosed Operator Compartment

  • Fire Suppression System

  • Front Stabilizers

  • Pneumatic Tires

  • Lithium Battery

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