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CJ251-17 Beam Setter


  • Crawler Drive System

  • Telescoping Boom Arrangement

  • IS Start/Stop Switches

  • Rear Stabjacks

  • Automatic Spring Set, Hyd. Release Brakes

  • Operator Platform

  • High Pressure Filters

  • Fire Suppression System

  • Hydraulic Disconnect at Operator’s Stations

MODEL CJ251-17

The Fletcher CJ251-17 model beam setter allows for safely installing square set beams over and around vent tubing and conveyer belt system for slope development. The beam setter is built to transport, place, and hold heavy beam assemblies during installation. Equipped with an extending, swinging, and vertically pivoting boom.


Headings up to

26' W x 20' H

8m W X 6.1m 

Machine Dimensions

31.5' L x 19.5' W x 14' H

9.6m L x 6m W x 4m H

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