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The Fletcher Series 3116-SD, Dual Steer Bolter is designed for bolting in low to medium height
conditions. The machine can tram from the cab on the chassis or from the operators drill platform. There are three tram modes from the cab; single axle steer, dual axle steer and crab steer for maximum steer efficiency. The complete bolt installtion of the type of bolt being installed can be accomplished from the operators drill platform. The boom swings, lifts, and extends allow bolts to be installed in a straight line bolt pattern maximum with of 9’ (2.7 m).


Machine Dimensions

35.5' L x 4.5' H x 8.5' W

11m L x 1.3m H x 2.6m W


Headings up to

13' W x 15' H

4m W x 4.7m H

3116-SD Dual Steer Roof Bolter
  • Articulating Carrier

  • Dual Steer Axles

  • Enclosed Tram Compartment

  • Fire Suppression System

  • Four Wheel Drive

  • Front Stabilizers

  • Pneumatic Tires

  • Tier III Diesel Engine

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