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3023-AD Roof Bolter.png


  • Articulating Carrier

  • Enclosed Operator Compartment

  • Fire Suppression System

  • Four Wheel Drive

  • Front Stabilizers

  • Pneumatic Tires

  • Tier III Diesel Engine


Fletcher model 3023-AD Bolter is a diesel tram and drill, rubber tired, articulated, single boom bolter. Machine is designed for a maximum operating height of 25’ 10” (7.57 m). The 3023-AD utilizes the compact Fletcher KRM module, designed to allow the operator to drill and install bolts remotely from the operator’s cab. The system consists of two drill masts (one to drill and one to bolt) mounted on a lifting boom. The remote operation is made possible through a bolt carousel which is designed to hold twelve bolts with 6” x 6” plates. 


Machine Dimensions

40' L x 7.5' W x 9.6' H

12.2m L x 2.4m W x 2.9m H


Headings up to

30.5' W x 23' H

9m W x 7m H

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