Service & Support

Parts & Services

Your Fletcher® machine was engineered to use only the most precise, dependable systems and components. When parts need to be replaced, it's crucial that the new ones be of equal quality. When you call on Fletcher® or one of its authorized parts distributors, you'll know you're getting genuine Fletcher® approved products.

Modernization & Exchange

Fletcher® does much more than just rebuild its equipment. We remanufacture and modernize it. When your modernized equipment is delivered, it will look and operate like a brand new machine, complete with current certifications and approvals. Existing systems will be updated to contemporary safety standards; new systems can be retrofitted to upgrade the machine. The machine will carry the same warranty that covers new Fletcher® units. Remember, no one else can modernize Fletcher® equipment.

Product Development

The Fletcher® engineering team is among the most experienced in the business. We encourage our people to spend more time in the field, talking to operators and managers, finding ways to improve productivity and increase safety.

Customer Service

Here at J.H. Fletcher & Co.™ customer service is a priority for us. The service we extend to our customers is unparalleled in the mining industry within the US and abroad. We are never but a phone call away for all your service needs. Don’t hesitate to contact our field service personnel or service center with questions for all your JH Fletcher & Co.™ equipment needs.

Quality Assurance

It is the goal of  J.H. Fletcher ® Co.™ to develop, market, manufacture, and support our equipment with quality and reliability that exceeds our customer’s expectations. To achieve this, we have established a quality management system that involves all of our employees. We are constantly striving to improve our products, our people, and our quality system. If you have a quality issue with any of our products or services, please contact our Quality Assurance Department.