Product Development

The Fletcher engineering team is among the most experienced in the business. We encourage our people to spend more time in the field, talking to operators and managers, finding ways to improve productivity and increase safety.

As a result, many of the major firsts in use of rubber-tired underground equipment came from Fletcher. Today, Fletcher roof bolters have microprocessor feedback systems right in the operator's compartments, along with digital, on-board parts and service manuals, and automated roof mapping for metal/non-metal machines. In the coal industry, Fletcher has developed bolters for high-seam and low seam with pre-loaded material handling capabilities to reduce operator fatigue, and walk-thru chassis models to reduce operator exposure to unstable rib. Fletcher drill jumbos feature load-sensing, piston-pump hydraulics for greater speed and accuracy, and they drill headings as low as 10', or as wide as 60' from a single chassis set-up. Our scaling machines, engineered specifically for that purpose, can scale up to 50' high, using picks, hydraulic breakers or cutter drums.

If you have unique mine conditions, or think your equipment should do more, look where you'll find solutions. Call or email Fletcher today.