Information Bulletins

For many years, Fletcher® has provided its customers Information Bulletins regarding equipment that is purchased. These bulletins have provided valuable information on SAFETY, SERVICE and EQUIPMENT UPDATES. These bulletins are available for you to review and print. To read a bulletin from the list below, click on the bulletin number and the entire bulletin will be available to read and/or print. If a bulletin number is not clickable, it is not available in digital form. please contact J.H. Fletcher & Co. for a copy of any bulletins not available in digital form. If you have any questions about the content of a bulletin, please send an email to dcooper@jhfletcher.com.

131 06/18 Maximum Recommended Operating Grade for Skid Steer and Crawler Roof Drills/Bolters Roof Drills/Roof Bolters Safety Notice
130 04/18 Maximum Recommended Operating Height for Man-In-Position Roof Drills/Bolters Roof Drills/Roof Bolters Safety Notice
128 09/15 Recall of Electrical Enclosure, Part No. 133068 Electrical Enclosure, Part. No. 133068 Vendor Recall Notice
127 08/15 Starter Maintenance Fletcher Machines with Specific Caterpillar Engines Safety Notice
126 04/16 Replace Motor 51723 with Motor 58001 South Africa Only - Roof Bolters with Electric Motor Part No. 51723 Safety Notice
125 07/15 Oil Filter Assembly Guard Scalers Safety Notice
124 06/14 Auxiliary Valve Bank Guard Roof Drills with Tram Compartments Safety Notice
123 04/14 New MRS Transmitter and Receiver Update MRS Design Update
122 12/13 Roof Bolter Operation Roof Bolters Safety Notice
121 07/13 Improvements to the Mast Swing Frame Specific Machines Safety Notice
120 01/13 Permissibility Compliance - Undersized Cable Specific Machines Safety Notice
119 06/12 Worm Gear Tilt Box DDR Walk-thru with Inside Controls using Worm Gear Drives only Safety Notice
118 05/12 Mechanical Boom Swing Arm Stops 2-Bolt LTDO Machines Safety Notice
117 08/11 Manual Fire Suppression Enhancement Affected JHF Machines Safety Notice
116 06/10 Hands Off Rotating Drill Tools Roof Bolters Safety Notice
115 03/10 Grommets Used in MCI Light Packing Glands All Models Safety Notice
114 01/10 Damage to Two-Leg Hinged Canopy Roof Bolters with two-leg hinge canopies Safety Notice
113 09/09 Safe Tramming; Improper Loading of Tools and Supplies Roof Bolters Safety Notice
112 03/09 Tram Chain Guard on Remanufactured Roof Bolters w/Chassis Lift Kits Roof Bolters Safety Notice
111 12/08 Cylinder Retainer Pin on Drill Canopy Roof Bolters Safety Notice
11/08 Mast Feed Cylinder Guard DR/CDR Safety Notice
109 07/08 Fletcher Machines with Teach/Learn Radio Transmitter, Part no. 121274, ONLY Specific Machines Retrofit
108 05/08 Follow-up to Information Bulletin 105 Specific Machines Safety Notice
107 01/08 (C)HDDR Operator Drill Station Safety Enhancements Owners/Operators of (C)HDDR Service Notice
106 10/07 Revised Hydraulic Prints – Massey Machines Only Specific Machines Service Notice
105 08/07 Parker Valve Specific Machines Safety Notice
104 06/07 Boom Tool Trays Roof Drills w/Tool Tray Safety Notice
103 06/07 Guard Between Chassis and Dust Box Specific CDR Machines Safety Notice
102 04/07 MRS Manual Maintenance Controls MRS Safety Notice
101 01/07 MRS Transmitter & Receiver Information MRS Technical Note
100 02/07 Grommets Used in MCI Light Packing Glands All Models Safety Notice
99 12/05 Boom Movement During Rotation with Adaptor RRII/HDDR Safety Notice
98 05/05 Rock Burst Valve MRS Safety Notice
97 04/05 Feed Cylinder Pin Retainer Cap DDO/LTDO Safety Notice
96 04/04 Control Levers for DR Machines Specific Machines (See File) Safety Notice, Design Update
95 03/04 Drill Canopies for LTDO Roof Drills Owners of LTDO Roof Drills Safety Notice, Design Update
94 09/03 Fletcher Operator Canopies Owners, Operators, Rebuilders Safety Notice, Design Update
93 06/03 Fatal Accident - Proper Procedures for Blocking Moving Parts Owners, Operators, Rebuilders Safety Notice
92 06/03 RX-721 Radio Remote Receiver Specific MRS Machines Safety Notice
91 03/03 Solenoid Operated Control Valve Specific ARR-D Safety Notice
90 12/02 Fatal Accident - Fast Feed Roof Bolters Safety Notice
89 05/02 MICO Brake Retrofit - Expanded to Include Part No. 353021 Specific Machines (See File) Safety Notice
88 03/02 MICO Brake Retrofit Specific Machines (See File) Safety Notice
87 10/01 Dust Bag System Kit Specific Machines (See File) Safety Update
86 09/01 Water Exhause Conditioner Specific Machines (See File) Safety Update
85 04/01 Rock Deflector Canopy Guard Specific Machines (See File) Safety Update
84 12/00 Boom Swing Hazard - RRII/DDO/Roof Drills Owners, Operators, Rebuilders of Non-OEM Cylinders Safety Notice, Design Update
83 07/00 JHF Information Bulletins & Newsletters Rebuilders, Resellers of JHF Equipment Safety Notice
82 08/00 Two-Hand Fast Feed - Drain Line Specific Units (See File) Retrofit
81 03/00 Inspection of Mantrip Braking System All Mantrips Safety Notice
80 01/00 Mantrip Ejection and Crushing Hazard Specific Units (See File) Safety Notice
80 06/98 Tram Enable Pedal All Models Retrofit Safety Notice
79 01/99 Grease used in bearings containing MDA Unknown Safety Notice
78 03/99 Recall of Class 3160 Emergency Stop Switches Specific Units - See File Recall
77 06/98 Tram Enable Pedal All Models Retrofit
76 06/98 HDDR - Hydraulic Disconnect Bar HDDR & DDR Retrofit
75 04/98 Maintenance of ANSUL Checkfire MP and SC Automatic Fire Suppression Systems Specific Units - See File Retrofit
74 03/98 Machine Specific Notice Regarding Document Change Specific Units - See File Update (Service)
73 12/97 Recall of Apitech Pulsar Solenoid J. H. Fletcher & Co. Part Number 38020 Specific Units - See File Recall (Vendor)
72 12/97 Recall-Part Number 147961 will be replaced by 148348 and Part Number 37779 will be replaced by Part Number 148439 Specific Units - See File Recall
70 10/97 Sticking Control Valve Levers RRII Safety Notice
69 08/97 Retrofit Machine with L-Style ATRS with Pressure Tube Guard Dual Boom Roof Drills w/L-Style ATRS Systems Retrofit
67 05/97 Retrofit - Pressure Setting on RRII/DDO RRII & DDO Retrofit
66 04/97 Maintaining Mantrip Gear Boxes Mantrips Safety Notice
65 12/96 Driller Canopies All Models Design Change
64 09/96 MRS Safety Notice MRS Units Safety Notice
63 07/96 OMITTED - Allen-Bradley 700-p Relay Recall (Bulletin Withdrawn by JHF) NOTE: It was originally believed that JHF customers were affected by this recall, however, this particular relay is not in use on Fletcher equipment. OMITTED OMITTED
62 06/96 Null's Machine & Manufacturing, Inc. 1200-1, 1200-2, Headlight/Meter Assemblies All Models Recall (Vendor)
61 05/96 Commercial Valve Inlet Reliefs Specific Units - See File Retrofit
60 04/96 Moog Inc. Retrofit: Radio Control Sending Unit Model Series 129-XXX, MSHA Approvals 9B-1660-0 and 9B-166-1 MRS Retrofit (Vendor)
59 02/96 Misuse of the Platform Lift HDDR; Particularly Machines w/Independent Platform Lift Update (Safety)
58 01/96 Caterpillar tracks Rework Two (2) Affected Machines: Model CDR, Serial Nos. 95021-95022 Retrofit
57 09/95 Offset Boom Arrangement DDO & RRII Design Change, Safety
56 06/95 Relief Valve, Part No. 150759 Six (6) Affected Machines of Various Models (Refer to Bulletin) Update (Service)
55 03/95 Maintaining Mantrip Gear Boxes Mantrip Update (Service
54 02/95 Inby Falling Rocks All Models Design Change, Safety
53 10/94 Hydraulic De-Energizing Actuator HDDR Design Change, Safety
52 07/94 Fast Feed All Models Design Change, Safety
52A 08/94 Clevis Pin Retrofit Program - Phase Three DDO, DTO and RRII Retrofit
51 04/94 Fast Feed All Models Design Change, Safety
50 04/94 Pinch Point Zone All Models Update (Safety)
49 03/94 Pinch Point Zone HDDR Update (Safety)
48 02/94 Dust Collector (Pre-cleaners) All Models Update (Service)
47 01/94 Modification of L-Style TRS HDDO & HDDR Update (Safety)
46 05/93 OEM Parts (Valve Body) All Models Update (Service)
46A 06/93 Clevis Pin Retrofit Program - Phase One DDO, DTO and RRII Retrofit
46B 11/93 Clevis Pin Retrofit Program - Phase Two DDO, DTO and RRII Retrofit
45 05/93 Machine Operation (Drillhead Movement) All Models Update (Service)
44 10/92 Lift Cylinder Holding Valve Cartridge System All Models Design Change
43 10/92 Remote Pendant Control Exchange Program Specific Machines Retrofit
42 07/92 Valve Package Design Changes All Models Update (Service)
41 03/92 Support Post Retention Nut All Models Redesign, Policy Notification
40A 11/91 Tape Switches (Panic Bars) - Notice Included with All Panic Bars Shipped All Models Update (Service), Policy Notification
40B 11/91 Panic Bars - Notice Sent to Current Customer List All Models Update (Service), Policy Notification
39 1989 Vertical Cable Reel All Models Redesign
38 05/90 Automatic Drillguide (Guard) All Models w/Automatic Drillguide; Mast Feed Machines Only–Not DDO Update (Service)
38A 11/90 MP130A Slave Relay Recall All Models Manufactured from February 1978 through September 1990 Recall
37 05/89 Motor Mount Retrofit All Models Using Specific Component - Small Quantity Per Bill Goad Retrofit
37A 01/90 Approvals and Certifications - Rebuild Policy Statement All Models Policy Notification
36 12/88 Strip Switch Panic Bar Sensitivity All Models w/Strip Switches Retrofit
35 09/85 MSHA Program Information Bulletin All Models Policy Notification
35A 05/87 Unauthorized Modification and O.E.M. Parts Notice to Customers All Models Policy Notification
35B 02/88 Hazardous Substance Notice - OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1200 All Models Update (Service)
34 09/85 Recall of Detent Controls - Drill Feed and Rotation All Models Retrofit
33 06/87 Machine Safety Retrofit Program All Models Retrofit
32 09/86 Problem with Boom Swing Turntable on Model DD track Drills DD Update (Service)
31 08/86 Reinforcement of Single Beam ATRS System All Models, Except Those w/H-Style TRS Update (Service)
31A 08/86 Unauthorized Modification and O.E.M. Parts Notice to Sellers All Models Policy Notification
30 04/86 Boom Swing Pin Recall All Models Update (Service)
29 06/85 ATRS & Safety Post Valve Package Changes and Replacements All Models Update (Service)
28 N/A Drillhead Bottom Cover Modification All Models Update (Service)
27 N/A West Virginia Hands Off Drilling Regulations All Models Policy Notification
26 05/85 TRS Valve Package Replacement All Models Update (Service)
25 N/A Service Instructions for Dynex Remote Control Valves All Models Update (Service)
24 N/A Pilot Check Valve Orifice - Front & Rear Lift Circuits All Models Redesign
23 N/A 33604 Check and Relief Valve Package All Models Update (Service)
22 12/80 Replacement of 31595 by 33620 Check and Relief Valve Package All Models Update (Service)
21 N/A Cap Screw Problem on DDO & DDJ Front Lift Anchors DDJ & DDO Update (Service)
20 03/85 Breakage of Spherical Bearing Carrier in Scissors ATRS Beam and Foot All Models Redesign
19 08/84 Driller Canopy Conversion to Pin Mounting Arrangement All Models Redesign
18 N/A Drillhead Bottom Cover - Deep Chuck Drilling All Models Redesign
17 N/A Replacement of 45313 Boom Roller Assembly with 173382 Boom Roller Assembly DDO & LtdO Redesign
16 09/80 Addition of Holding Valve in TRS Raise Cylinder All Models Redesign
15 N/A Retrofit Strip Switch Kit All Models Update (Service)
14 03/85 Cartridge Valve Filter Problem - 33620 Main Check and Relief Valve All Models Update (Service)
13 01/86 Redesign of Ansul Actuator Assembly and Cartridge All Models Recall
12 08/83 Procedure for Correct Re-assembly of Driller Canopies All Models Update (Service)
11 N/A Front End Plate Weld Failures DDO & DDR Update (Service)
09 03/85 Substitute for Roots Model 33-AF Vacuum Blower All Models Update (Service)
08 03/85 Breakage of Push Button Switch Element in the 47870 Start Switch Assembly (palm Button) All Models Update (Service)
07 11/83 Water Drilling Conversion Kit for Universal Drillhead For Water Drillheads Only - Dependant on Machine Update (Service)
06 12/79 Pantograph Sprocket Guard Normally Arm Feed (DDO) Update (Service)
05 05/85 Replacement of 50371 Spooler by 50499 Spooler All Models Update (Service)
04 06/84 Driller Canopy Cylinder Staging Problem and Recall Program All Models Redesign
03 07/84 Improvements in Front End Lift System DDO Redesign
02 06/84 Piston Nut on Scissors ATRS Raise Cylinder All Models Redesign
01 06/84 Safety Chains For H Style ATRS Roof Support Beam Assembly DDM Update (Service)
00 N/A Orifice Retrofit Kit Single Head Bolters Retrofit
00A 03/83 Strip Switch Program DDO-13 Update (Service)